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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

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Come Prepared

It's always a great idea to do research ahead of time, however, there is so much information available it can be overwhelming. Feel free to bring in a notepad, take pictures, and ask questions! Our non-commission staff are here to answer your questions.

Comfort Levels

There are really only three comfort levels.




It can be that easy to shop for your comfort level.

What to ask?

1. What's inside the mattress to offer me proper back and body support?

2. What's inside the mattress to minimize tossing and turning?

3. If it's an innerspring, insist that the coils be twice tempered. This helps coils to maintain strength and durability.

4. All mattresses must meet Federal Flame Retardancy guidelines. Purchase one that uses fabric and fiber for flame retardancy versus one treated with chemicals.

5. Above all, lie down on the mattress and select one that feels right and supportive to YOU!

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